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Genesis & Raise

To get the protocol off the ground and bootstrap in the most web3 fashion we have decided to do a small presale. $IMF will launch as a high float low FDV.

The presale will be 10% of token supply

For the Genesis the protocol will spin up using the below method:

  1. Mint some unbacked $MONEY
  2. Pair $MONEY with $PEPE (skinny and tight V3 pool)
  3. Create $PEPE/$MONEY market
  4. Borrow $MONEY against $PEPE, we need to borrow enough to:
    • a. Create a $MONEY/$IMF 'up only' V3 pool
    • b. Burn any borrowed $MONEY s.t there is no unbacked $MONEY
    • c. Have enough $MONEY to repeat step (2) for $BITCOIN and $MOG.
  5. Create $MONEY/$MOG and $MONEY/$BITCOIN markets

Once step 4(a) is complete, $IMF is free floating and all presale buyers are unlocked.

This means some of the presale will be used to buy memes. Boolish